Wednesday 27 May 2009

The lazy blog - it's the 8 Things thing

8 Things I Like
Talking bunnies, cats and baby birds with Amy and Charlotte.
Ritter Sport chocolate. Scrub that, all chocolate.
Cycling through the Chess valley – sublimely beautiful – even when a fly goes up my nose.
Curry with Jane, Terry and Kane.
Planting my garden.
Sharing wine with friends and family.
Coming home.
Waking up from a good deep sleep with Noodle next to me.

8 Things I Did Yesterday
Went for my twice weekly session with my shrink. Hey, analyse that.
Went to local hardware store – love the smell – for drain cleaner.
Bought some fresh crusty bread from the bakers. Yes, really - I know it sounds like Miss Marple.
Phoned the cycle shop about a much-needed new tyres for my bike.
Ate some strawberries.
Popped into DIY store to browse for garden benches, and found a good offer on some box plants.
Wrote 1,500 words of novel number two, Tides of the Moon. We're getting there.
Shooed the neighbour’s cat out of my house - twice.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
Sing (and I think everyone else wishes I could do this too).
Stop worrying.
Run further.
Not be quite so addicted to Earl Grey.
Not have to have the house spotlessly clean before I can start writing.
Know a little bit more about computers.

8 Things I Don’t Like
Losing my mojo.
People treading on the back of my flip-flops while I’m walking – how close do they want to get?
Bad service in restaurants and pubs.
Smelly commuters.
Big hairy spiders.
Running out of tea.
Not getting any post.
Jumpers slung casually around shoulders.

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